The Twins Head North.

While the spring record is… about… 8 and 16… last place… a .333 winning percentage…. we should keep in mind:

Those Games Don’t Count!

Spring is not about “winning” and “losing”. Spring is about limbering up, stretching out, experimentation, and finding the groove. Spring is about the warm sunshine and the fresh green grass and about playing one game at a time. Spring is all about fresh starts, and that’s exactly what we’ll have come opening day, when everyone is 0-0 and tied for first.


Sad to report, the Vance Worley Era is over.

Vance Worley, sold for cash, probably not a lot of cash, to the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Has there ever been such a disappointment as Vance Worley?

Tommy Herr - 1989 Score DISAPPOINTMENT

Well, let’s see now, who comes to mind. Well, there’s Tommy Herr, of course. Came over from the Cardinals in exchange for Tom Brunansky. Whose idea was that? “The answer to our second base problem…” hit about .263 in about 86 games, with about 21 rbis. (meanwhile, Brunansky hit.243 for the Cardinals, in 143 games with 22 homers and 79 rbis. And then played for them in 1989 as well, while Herr was gone, traded to the Phillies with a couple other players for Shane Rawley and cash.

Also, the Herr move totally demoralized Steve Lombardozzi, who was our second sacker in ’87, but only hit .209 in ’88, in about 120 fewer at bats. Lombo went to Houston in ’89 and ’90, didn’t play much, and then was out of the majors.

All because of Tommy Herr.

(Okay, I’m kidding.)

I thought about adding Shane Rawley to this list, but we didn’t really expect anything from him. We just wanted him to be not Tommy Herr.

Scott Diamond, also comes to mind, but no.

David West copy - DIS

My vote would be for David West, who pitched for the Twins 1989-92, coming over in the Frank Viola trade with the Mets. There were high hopes for Mr. West, but in the end, after four years, he was 15-18 with a 5.33 ERA. He was not the raw talent that we were led to believe.

And thus, Vance Worley wins the David West award. Sorry Vance. Good luck in Pittsburgh, and I hope you find your arm there.

Scott Diamond, by the way, has cleared waivers, and has also decided to report to Twins triple A club. Alex Presley was also placed on waivers, and claimed by the Houston Astros. Perhaps he’s excited about that. Perhaps he’ll get to play there. Parmelee also has been sent down to Triple A. He’s running on fumes now, kind of disappointing, especially for him, I’m sure. He’s played some good ball down there on the farm, but he hasn’t been able to bring it up to the majors. I suspect that this will be his last chance to get sorted out, though some other team might see him as a “project.”

Kubel and Bartlett go north! What’s the opposite of a youth movement? Perhaps the steadying influence of vets will make a difference.

sudden sam deduno a

Deduno in relief? Well, okay. I’d have him starting, and I bet he will be starting before the end of the season. He had a nice relief outing down there in Florida on the 27th, striking out five in 2 innings of work. (Not too bad.)

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