3 and 4.

The standings say the Twins are at 3-4. Only 2 games out of first, with 155 games left to play. Plenty of time, as they say.

Minnesota Twins v Houston Astros

Nice to see Mr. Colabello playing so well. Co-AL Player of the Week!

“Rocky” Colabello: .391, a homer, 11 rbis.
“Jeff” Hamilton, .500, 2 home runs, 5 rbis.
Okay, we’ll call it a tie.

So far the Twins have scored 41 runs, which looks like the top number in the AL! However they have also allowed 46 runs, which is also the top number in the league. The starting pitching… what can you say, other than “it’s early.”

Trevor “Babe” Plouffe has gotten off to a nice start, swatting a respectable .370 average and 7 rbis. “Ice” Kubel has also jumped out in front at the start, hitting .381. And Mr.Suzuki is trying to make us forget the other guy who used to play catcher for us; Suzuki’s hitting .389. No wonder the Twins have scored so many runs! Just wait till Mauer and Willinghammer kick into gear.

Pitching pitching pitching; where would we be if we had had some pitching?

Not fair to run down the ERAs of these guys; most of them have only pitched in a game or two. but 46 runs scored tells the story.