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28 March 1904, Monday Evening

George Kihm is gone, the evening rag reports, tentatively. Kihm is to be sold to the Senators, the Miller’s business manager says, but the deal has not yet been finalized. If true, it looks like Dan Lally will be at first base this year.

george Kihm b fr - delphos baseball

George Kihm, in his Delphos days…

Kihm hit .319 last year at Indianapolis. The reporter says that Watkins was uneasy about having a person who was mute playing first base, but I have my doubts, as Kihm probably played for Watkins last year at Indianapolis. On the other hand, it seems like playing for the Senators would be a step up for Mr. Kihm.

It turns out that there’s a nice lengthy bio piece on George Kihm on the SABR bio-project website. Oddly, this is what it has to say about 1904:

In 1904 Kihm joined Columbus of the American Association and remained with the club through 1908. In that time the club won three pennants. The league transferred Kihm from Indianapolis to Columbus in April 1904.

Hmmm. Why should the “league” transfer him? What about the Senators? And what about Minneapolis? What’s going on here?

Kihm played for Columbus and then Grand Rapids, then hurt his arm, and his career ended in 1912, at age 38. He hit a .293 over his career, and stole over 300 bases. I think that the Miller’s probably could have found a place for Mr. Kihm, if “the league” hadn’t “transferred” him to Columbus. I think there’s more to this story than meets the eye. Cover up!


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