the pitch

I came across this one the other day, in one of my photo folders from years ago.

That’s Scott Baker on the mound.baker - the pitch b levels sumie fr


It’s photoshopped-up a bit.

I think this is from 2009 – Scott went 15-9 that year, his high-water-mark for wins.

Scott Baker was a pretty good pitcher. Too bad that he was always getting hurt. He’s got a 63-48 career record, all of that from his years with the Twins. He had elbow surgery in 2012 and missed that entire season with the Twins, then signed a one year $5.5 million dollar contract with the Cubs after the Twins decided not to pick up his option (priced at $9.25 million). He was injured for most of 2013, compiling a 0-0 record with the Cubs. The Mariners signed him in January of 2014, and released him in March, and now the Rangers have signed him to a minor league deal.

Scott once struck out 4 players in one inning, in 2008 against the Brewers. Not many have done that. I wonder if anyone has ever struck out five guys in one inning?

Good trivia question, except that I don’t know the answer.

Good luck out there Scott.


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