4 April 1904: Wake Up Call

Monday Evening

Well, the Millers lost both games they played on Saturday, to Decatur (4-1) and then to theLochersteen college boys, by a humiliating and humbling 19-5. Yes. Them, 19, Us, 5. Perhaps this is a little wake-up call?

I guess Lockersteen got batted around a bit. It was a cold spring day, the reporter says, “preventing sharp play.” (Unless you were playing for the University squad, it would appear.) An inauspicious beginning, I would say. Sorry to report that Joe Koukalik also got hit a bit in that first game.

However the boys bounced back to shut out the troublesome Decaturians on Sunday, 3-0! Frosty Thomas and Rusty Owens were the twirling heroes, while Mr. McNichol “distinguished himself with the stick.” Also, the fielders reportedly displayed “lots of ginger,” (which I suspect is a euphemism meaning that we picked a few fights during the game) and the boys showed good judgement in running the bases.



In Minneapolis, meanwhile, the day was a spring-like 48 degrees, with rain expected. There are some meetings scheduled to discuss the proposed cross-town trolley line for Lake Street. Good morning, Progress!

Hello, 20th Century!


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