5th April 1904. Payback.

Tuesday Evening

champaign map fr

Champaign, Illinois

Well, the Millers handily defeated the college boys yesterday, 8-1. It was a sunny but cool day down there in Champaign. None of this “split-squad” stuff today; Watkins hand-picked his starting nine from his full squad of men, and the men showed the college boys a thing or two about this game of baseball.

The Millers went right to work, scored in the first on a walk, and error, and a hit by Coulter. In the fourth the Millers struck again, stringing together a pair of walks and a hit by Ford, and then in the fifth, the Millers came after them again, no let up, and worked a single, an error, another error, another error, and then a hit by Oyler, plating three runs. In the ninth it was more errors, a stolen base, and a passed ball, for three more runs for the Minneapolis squad.

Eugene Ford, 1905 b

Eugene Ford

It looked like the little perfessers of Illinois were a bit rattled playing against the Pros. Well, who could blame them? Twirlers Ford and Case scattered a few weak hits over the course of the game, and were never seriously threatened.


And finally – The first box score of the season:

Mpls Journal - 5 may 1904 - Millers vs Illinois boxscore


Hmmmm. That’s one error for us and …. two.. four….five.. uh…eight… errors for them. I guess that’s right. Eight.

Well, it’s early in the year. And they’re just kids, after all. I see their shortstop, Cook, got credit for two unassisted double plays.

Our Journal scribe also notes that Stimmel — “the elongated pitcher” — has finally arrived. He seems like he’s in good shape, and will probably be in a game this upcoming week.



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