6 April 1904: it would be an error an inning — if the game went 14 innings.

From the Wednesday evening edition of the Minneapolis Journal.

Frosty Thomas - Minneapolis Journal - 3 April 1906

The Millers eked out a victory on the Illini again yesterday, topping the youngsters by a 5-3 margin in a “tightly contested” match. Kudos to Frosty Thomas, who pitched the first five innings in fine form, showing “considerable speed,” and allowing only one hit to the youth of Illinois.  Rusty Owens then came in to finish the game; he allowed three runs, but two of them came in on bad throws by Demontreville. This speaks to the importance of accurate throws, as mentioned before. A hard toss is no good if it is off into the cheap seats, Mr. Demontreville. You must do better, young man.

Demontreville, it turns out, has a sore arm! But even with the two errors and the sore arm, our scribe has climbed up on the Demontreville bandwagon:

Nevertheless, his work was good. He covered considerable ground and gives promise of being a very clever third baseman.

A very clever third baseman. So noted.

Lee Demontreville b

Demontreville – a very clever third baseman

Offensively the Millers didn’t show much against the college pitchers. Five hits. Demontreville scored on an error and two sacrifices. Errors let in another run in the fourth and two more in the fifth. I guess everybody’s a bit rusty out there in the field. Chalk up 8 more errors for the Little Perfessers of Illinois, while the Millers committed 6 gaffe’s of their own, including 2 by Lally at first, who had thought that first base would be so easy. Think again, Mr. Lally.

With 14 total errors in the game, I’m not sure that “tightly contested” is accurate. It sounds more like a circus out there, a comedy of errors. Keystone cops. Madcap fun. Can anybody catch the ball? To be fair, Lally did get 6 put outs and 8 assists in the game. Which seems a bit odd. 8 assists? Oyler at short had 3 put outs and no assists, and Lally at first had 8 assists? Curious. Makes me think I may not be reading the box score correctly. But what else could the little “a” stand for? Perhaps the college boys were all lefties, or working on a “bunt it to Lally” game plan, testing the new first baseman?

This weekend Watkin’s Warriors wend their way to Springfield for two games against… well, an un-named opponent. Perhaps there are some sporting Springfeldians who will take the field.


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