7 April 1904: Koukalik smoke!

Thursday Evening

Millers logo c

Well, perhaps the Millers may have been over-confident, facing the striplings of Illinois. Or perhaps it was just a lucky day by a pair of strong-armed young college pitchers. Or or or perhaps the Millers are yet rusty from a long winter’s hibernation? Or perhaps this year’s edition of the Millers just can’t hit a lick.

Time will tell. But yesterday the promising pair of pitching pupils, Pond and Pfeffer, held Watkin’s men to five lowly hits, and the college boys on the whole showed a good deal of verve and ginger in scratching out a narrow 3-2 victory, tallying the winning mark in the bottom of the ninth. The nimble Pfeffer also turned in two fielding gems, snagging a pair of line drives through the box.

Joe Koukalik

Joe Koukalik

Joe Koukalik made good for the Minneapolitans, permitting just three hits in six innings of work, while striking out seven batsmen. I am looking for good things from Koukalik this campaign. Keep your eye on this young man. His arm is like a deadly, missile-hurling device of war.

Converse was “unlucky” in the ninth, but it is said he turned in a creditable effort for a man who’s not yet in playing condition. In the ninth he yielded a double to Pitts, a single to Rothgeb, moving Pitts to third, and then a long out to Byers scored Pitts to carry the day.

Frank McNichol played third for the sore-winged Demontreville, and also garnered two of the Miller’s five hits. Our reporter was impressed by his efforts:

“He played with spirit, and his work, on the whole, was very good.”

Well, in any case, it’s just spring training. These games don’t count.


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