April 12th 1904 – The Case of the Vanishing O’Leary

Tuesday Evening Duluth 1904 d zenith It turns out that Mr. Roach need not pack his bags, because instead it’s that Rotund Trencherman O’Leary who’s headed north for the summer, to the Zenith City, Duluth, to labor through the summer gnat storms of the Northern league.

Dan O'Leary - 1907

Perhaps the team is a bit shaken by all these sudden and unforeseen player moves. Watkins fielded his nine against the college boys once again, and were soundly trounced by the varsity squad, 7-2. The Minneapolis players were greatly handicapped by the weather, reports our scribe, while it did not seem to trouble the local boys, who have been accustomed to it for several weeks.

Charlie Case

Charlie Case


Case pitched for the Millers; Watkins pregame instructions were reportedly “be careful not to hurt your arm,” which seems like odd advice coming from Watkins — who then let Case pitch all 7 innings, (they agreed only to play 7 innings), “because he cared to take no chances of injuring any of his other pitchers’ arms.” Watkins must have had a hunch that it was very dangerous out there on the mound. Perhaps it was, with all the line drives whizzing through the box. Perhaps Case was judged expendable. But if none of our pitchers got hurt, well, let’s count that as one in the “win” column.

According to the Journal, the series with the college youth now stands at 3 games to 3, with four games still to play. If the weather warms up, our journalist believes the Millers will have the advantage, as the college kids won’t be used to playing under pleasant conditions, and it will throw them off their cold-weather game. I’m not sure how the Millers have become such a fair weather club, as they’ve only been playing in the wintry climes of Champaign… but, anyway…. whatever.

O’Leary will be with the team till Saturday, “to take advantage of the training facilities,” while no doubt also serving as a grim reminder of what fate might await those ball players who do not perform: Siberia. He may be made to wear a sign about his neck, saying: Cautionary Tale.

Meanwhile, the Exquisite Munch will at last arrive on Wednesday. Let us hope that his arrival might inject a little life and hope into this bedraggled ball club. edvard the scream munch sm


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