Good Game, Connie

Just noticed this.

Connie Marrero has passed away, April 23rd, in Havana, age 102.

Connie Marrero 1953 Topps

The NY Times has a nice obit here.

Connie was the Oldest Living Ballplayer, which we noted earlier in this blog. That title now goes to Mike Sandlock, 98, born October 17, 1915.

Mike Sandlock - 1953 - Topps


Looking at Wikipedia’s list of Oldest Living Ballplayers, I see a few names of note. Bobby Doerr is working his way up the list, as is Monte Irvin and Al Dark. I was surprised to see Sam Mele, former Twins manager, also on the list; Mele’s got a classic old baseball card, recently acquired for The Collection.

Sam Mele 2

Anyway, Connie’s gone, the circle-change of life goes on. Ballplayers go up to the plate, take their swings, and then grab some bench. Those moments at bat are fleeting, brief. So pay attention out there. Take your best swings.

Good game, Connie.

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