14 April 1904 – “listless”

Thursday evening baseball news… Well, the Millers won 6-4 yesterday, a game described as “listless” by our reporter, who perhaps had other things in mind when he found out he was going to cover spring training. Yes, it’s another cold day, and windy too, and the batters had some fun with that. Coulter hit a home run and a couple of singles, going 3 for 3. With the cold weather the pitchers “used little speed” and relied on the fielders to make the outs. (That’s their story, anyway…)  Frosty Thomas started and went four, giving up a run. The Magnificent Munch finished up, gave up two runs in the fifth and one in the seventh. (Let down by his fielders, perhaps.) Our reporter says that Munch pitched “very clever ball.”

“Munch has a peculiar motion, which holds the runner very close to first base. He is also in the game at all stages, and he takes every advantage of a batter’s weakness.”

Thomas apparently was not as clever, yet still somehow managed to get the other guys out. They only played seven innings, and it looks like Katoll was in the game long enough to get hit by a pitch. I’m confident his arm is fine, though. I’ve stopped worry about Katoll’s arm. It seems to be as good as new. Spring training seems like it’s gone on long enough, the road trip that never ends. excerpt - Minneapolis Journal - 14 April 1904 - lawn kimonos

In other news, the Japanese are beating the Russians at Port Arthur. The Russian fleet has met disaster. Not much else going on. Snow and rain in Minnesota, with a high of 44 and a low of 24. Lawn Kimonos are on sale at the Minneapolis Dry Goods store. Pretty good price. excerpt - Minneapolis Journal - 14 April 1904 -radium

And it looks like the Regal Shoe Store has got a tube of Radium to put on display. What will they think of next?


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