15 April 1904 – The Flight of the Pelican

Friday Evening –

Archie Stimmel - SABR b

The Millers win another from the college boys, a loosely played affair that finishes 10-3. The weather is good for a change, and this must have thrown everyone off their game, the pitchers particularly. The seldom-used Stimmel was the hurler for the Minneapolitans. He is known as “the Pelican,” – and I guess I do see a resemblance – and our journalist says that yesterday he was occasionally effective, but wild. Seems like he might have worded that the other way around? But, either way, the Pelican gets his first win of the spring. Ford also tossed a few innings, and was also occasionally effective, but wild.

Meanwhile the battsmen are playing Watkins style of baseball:

“A feature of the game was the manner in which the Millers placed their hits. Whenever there was a chance to draw a man out of his position it was done, and then a Minneapolis batter would send the ball over the uncovered  ground for a single.”

Sullivan was injured in the fifth, sliding into third base, knocked unconscious. They finally needed to take him out of the game (presumably after he came to…) but they also think it likely that he’ll play tomorrow. Katoll’s arm is fine.

This makes three straight wins over the youth of Illinois, and the games sound like they were not very good. Perhaps everyone has lost interest? The Minneapolis boys are breaking camp, moving on. They’ll leave early Saturday morning, by train, I imagine, for Fort Wayne, were they will play four games, Saturday – Tuesday. Then they head to Toledo, for the opening game of the American Association season.

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