out in left field there can be too much time to think

left fielder b gs b fr - mtpmcg714 sm - 5460It gets quiet out in left field, sometimes. Perhaps a bit lonely, even with all those people. You’re out their by yourself. Another inning, another patch of grass, another pitch in an endless series of innings, grassy patches, pitches. What’s been gained, over all those innings? What’s it all mean?

What’s it all for?

Hiatus? Extended All-Star Break? Lacuna? Summer Vacation?

In the summer time the days are long, but time also passes more quickly. I have fallen behind on the baseball blog. Here it is, almost the All Star Break! The most exciting meaningless game of the year! And in My Home Town! How can I pass that up?

Well, it’s pretty easy, actually.

But I did get to see the Twins play the hated Yankees last weekend, July 5th, and they even won the game, in extra innings, on a little bouncer in front of the plate, which was retrieved by the Yankee catcher and then tossed down the right field line, letting the winning run dance home. The Twins never beat the Yankees, so this was nice to witness in person.

I brought my camera to the game, and will share some shots over the next few days. Here’s one (photoshopped-up a bit) of Twins starter Yohan Pino – another one of those guys who’s labored in the minors for 10 years and is finally getting his shot.

pino e ds dg fr - mtpmcg714 sm - 5381


Pino’s been having a great season at Triple A; his first start in the bigs was pretty good, then he had some troubles the next two, and then he pitched well against the Yankees. So we’ll see what happens.