22 April 1904: Back down to Earth

The inestimable Munch: Pummeled!
Captain Fox: Fined!
Millers: Beaten!

excerpt - Minneapolis Journal - 22 April 1904 - munch hit hard b

Well, the mill-city boys took it on the chin yesterday in Toledo, 6-2, a game that was not as close as it sounds, and it doesn’t even sound too close. According to our source Billy Cristall, pitcherm, Toledo - Wikipedia(“special to the Journal”) the Vaunted Munch got hit around pretty good by them there mudhens, while our own wand wizards couldn’t figure out the curvaceous tosses of Mr. Cristall.


Munch got a lucky hit in the third, and came around to score, but that was about it for the boys from Minneapolis. Meanwhile Munch gets pounded, gives up 12 hits, including a homer to Brouthers, (were there a lot of guys named Brouthers back then?) and two walks, and the chickens 3 scores in the fifth pretty much tell the tale.

excerpt - Minneapolis Journal - 22 April 1904 - munch hit hard box score - fine b

Other “highlights”:

“Demont” – the wizard at third base, committed a costly error. Leslie started again at catcher, and got a hit. Munch; I’d been wondering if he’d give up 12 hits all season, and here they are, in game two. And Captain Fox got fined $10 “for talking back to Umpire Bausewine.”

Good to see Captain Fox making an effort; I wonder when this happened in the game? Perhaps he was trying to wake the boys up? Meanwhile Bausewine is probably trying to set the tone for the season, I guess.

And, good name for an umpire.


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