The End of the Gardy Era

Well, the Twins fired Ron Gardenhire today, after 13 year of good and diligent service. It kind of brings me down.

Gardy caught a lot of flack, but I always liked him. He always seemed to be a straight-talking kind of guy, who had a good perspective on the game. And I appreciated his perspective. Even today, from what I heard on the radio, it was rather a mutual “parting of ways,” and I heard Gardy say that it was time for these players to hear somebody else. Probably, after four bad years, Gardy saw this coming; I don’t think you can say that he played a major role in the four bad years, not with the players he had to work with. But he was a part of the mess, and part of the manager’s job is to get fired.

Todd Tichenor, Ron Gardenhire

That, and to get tossed out of games every once in a while.

Good job, Gardy. I will miss you next season, and I hope you find another job managing. Your a guy that respects the game, and you deserve a good team and a world series.


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