The Giants. And welcome Paul.

Well, I guess it’s all over and settled for 2014. Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants on their championship. They are a heckuva team and they have perhaps the second best ballpark in the majors. I only managed to catch one game, or most of one NY Giants pennantgame. I met Ghost at a St. Paul bar to watch the game and toss back a few tots. The bar was a serious disappointment. Bad call on my part. We went to the Bulldog. Most of the TVs had something called “hockey” on. There were 3 TVs that had the game on. None of the TVs had sound on; instead some barely audible unrecognizable music was playing, because everyone comes there for the music? And then the Trivia game started. So, yes, mistakes were made.

Fortunately it was a 10-0 game, so there wasn’t a lot of need for sound on the TV. Plus the beer was good. And I hadn’t seen Ghost for a few weeks. So it was good. We watched some baseball and caught up.

I had been rooting for the Giants all the way, but at about game six I thought, hey, Royals! No one was expecting this! And they weren’t the Red Sox or the Yankees! Go Royals! But in game 7 I was going for the Giants, I’ve always liked the Giants, since Willie Mays and Willie McCovey and Chris Speier and Juan Marichal and… Bobby Thompson? Almost. So I’m happy with the series. Seven games. Giants win. No Red Sox nation. No Yankees. All is good.

And then there’s the Twins, who limped their way to another totally forgettable season. Ron Gardenhire gone, the Twins searched high and low for a new manager. No stone unturned. They looked everywhere. They talked to everybody. They talked to managers of cricket clubs in the UK and India. They googled “Good Young Baseball Managers +Winner.” They used Bing. They LinkedIn. They networked, asking other owners, hey, you know any good managers looking for work? They put ads on Craigslist. They ran a Kickstarter campaign: Help Us Find a Manager for Our Small Market Team.

No Stone UnTurned.


And, of course, there he was, hiding in plain sight.

Hey! Hey! What about Paul Molitor?Paul-Molitor coach b

Yeah! Molitor! Why didn’t I think of that? Call him up!

Twins manager? I have no opinion. Molitor will be fine, if the Twins get better pitching. And I believe the Twins will get better pitching.

(There is no basis in reality for that belief. It’s rather like religion.)

The Twins will get better pitching in 2015, and some of their vaunted, near legendary, prospects will show up in the majors next season.

This I Believe.

Good luck Paul!



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