Happy Birthday, Flame Delhi!

Flame Delhi - t206Born on this date in 1892, in Harqua Hala, Arizona. Does SABR have a biography of every ball player who has ever played the game? Probably not, but they do have one for Flame Delhi, and how could you not, with a moniker like that?

To briefly re-cap: young fireballing pitcher, started at age 16 with the Angels in the PCL. At 18 he was the best pitcher in the PCL, and often compared with Orvie Overall. (Yes. You could look it up.) In 1911 he finished with a record of 27 and 23, with 43 complete games. In 1912 he made it with the White Sox, but perhaps he’d blown his arm out by then, or maybe in spring training. Maybe tossing 43 complete games in a season isn’t a good idea. In any case, he only pitched in one game for the Sox, April 16, 1912, and got batted about. He only gave up three earned runs in three innings of work, but that was the end of Flame’s career in the big leagues. A month later he was sold to San Francisco in the PCL. He went 5-8 with the Seals, struggled, sore arm, didn’t play winter ball, came back in 1913 for the Seals, sore arm, got hit hard in three games and was given his walking papers.

Flame never got his arm back, but he did okay. He made a deal with a club in Great Falls, where he would pitch and they would teach him civil engineering. He went on to prosper in industry.

Happy ending. And Happy birthday Flame Delhi.

Also the birthday today of Greasy Neale, Roxy Walters, Putsy Caballero, and Yam Yaryan. Boy, that had a lot better names back then. After 1945, everyone is named Bruce, Dave, or Rick. I’d like to know more about Yam. Yam Yaryan. It trips musically off the tongue.




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