Happy Birthday, Roy Campanella

Born on this date, 19 November 1921.

Roy Campanella - 1956 Topps One of only three players to win the NL MVP award three times, in 1951, ’53, and ’55. (Mike Schmidt, Stan Musial.) Roy came up one year after Jackie Robinson, in 1948, and played nine seasons before his career ended in an auto accident that left him paralyzed. Besides being a fearsome slugger, Campanella threw out 57% of the players who attempted to steal on him, the highest career mark in major league history. And he caught three no-hitters.

And he played for the St. Paul Saints. Campy came to the Saints in late May of 1948, and got called back to the Dodgers at the end of June. In 35 games he hit .325, with 13 home runs and 39 rbi. Saints fans were sorry to see him go.

Roy Campanella with StPaul Saints

Campy passed away in California, on 26 June, 1993.

Happy Birthday Campy! Good game.


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