Happy Turkey Day.

Bill Hohman - 1927 Phillies bBill Hohman was born on this date, 1903. Played seven games for the Phillies in 1927, hit .278 in 18 at bats. Not sure what became of him after that. A project for another day.

Meanwhile, Bob Harmon and Babe Herman both passed away on this date.

(See the theme here? It’s pretty subtle.)

Bob Harmon - 1912 b

Bob Harmon was known as “Hickory Bob.” His middle name was Green, which is a bit unusual. He pitched 9 years in the bigs, 1909 – 1918 (taking 1917 off for some reason) and went 107-133, with a 2.62 ERA. He had a good year in 1911, 23-16 with the Cards. They went 75-74 that season, finishing 5th, so Bob did pretty well for them. Bob passed away in ’61.

Meanwhile, Babe Herman broke in with the Brooklyn Robins in 1926, playing right field. He was an excellent hitter, hitting .324 in a 13 year career, and a poor fielder, leading the league in errors at first base in 1927, and in right field in ’28 and ’29. As one scout said of him, “”He’s kind of funny in the field, but when I see a guy go 6-for-6, I’ve got to go for him.”

Babe Herman - 1933 Goudey

Babe strung together three pretty good seasons in 1928, ’29, and ’30, hitting .340, .381, and .393, before slumping to a .313 in 1931. So he could hit a bit.

Babe is also known as the only guy to hit a double into a double play, in 1926 at Ebbets Field against the Braves. With runners on first and second, Babe doubled off the wall. The runner on second – the slow-footed Dazzy Vance, rounded third and headed for home as the throw came into the plate. Meanwhile the runner from first headed towards third, and then Babe thought he’d stretch his double into a triple. The throw to the plate must have been a good one, because Vance, headed towards the plate, pulled up, and thought he’d best go back to third, where the runner from first was already waiting, and while Babe was charging in from second. So all three runners ended up at third, and the third baseman tagged them all.

That would have been an interesting play to see.

Also noteworthy – Babe Herman’s the only player ever to hit for the cycle three times.

Babe Herman died not so long ago, in 1987. turkey red cigarettes lg

Good games, Bill, Bob, Babe.

And Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

I’m thankful for baseball, I am.

Looking for a baseball – thanksgiving connection, the first thing that came to mind were Turkey Red cigarettes, and the beautiful baseball cards that they produced in 1910 -11.

Here’s The Great Lajoie, 1911, Turkey Red. And again, Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Napoleon Lajoie - 1911 t3 Turkey Red b sm



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