Hooks Iott?

Hooks Iott - 1947Yes, it’s Hooks Iott’s birthday today, born on 3 December, 1919. Hooks, real name Clarence. Came up in 1941 with the Brownies for a cup of coffee, then came up again with the Brownies in ’47. He pitched in four games for St. Louis, then was traded to the Giants, where he went 3-8 in 20 games with a 5.93 ERA. That was it for Hooks in the big leagues, but I also see that he played a lot of minor league ball, from ’38 to ’57. He struck out 25 batters in a nine inning game in 1941 for the Paragould Arkansas Browns in the class D Northeast Arkansas League. Not bad. He then fanned 30 batters in a 16-inning game against the Newport Dodgers that same season. The game reportedly ended in a 1-1 tie. That’s a lot of throwing.

No information on why he was called “Hooks,” though.

Hooks passed away in 1980, heart attack.

Happy Birthday, Hooks. Good game.



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