Return of the Hunter

Hey, I love Torii Hunter, and it will be nice to see him back in a Twins uniform.

Torii Hunter wc b fr

That being said, I don’t get it. Paying that much money to Torii Hunter for one season when they have youngsters who could get out there and who probably need to get out there. Maybe Hunter will be able to help Aaron Hicks? Or maybe Aaron Hicks needs to just play, and let the coaches help him? Who would I rather see in right field, Hunter or Arcia? Arcia’s not going to improve sitting on the bench.

Love Torii Hunter; I don’t see bringing him back, though.



2 thoughts on “Return of the Hunter

  1. Like the picture. I wondered what you thought of this. I’m more optimistic (and clearly know less about the twins and their players). Seems to be a pretty young team, and some senior leadership might be just what they need. I guess we’ll see!

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