25 April 1904; Monday Evening

No Sunday paper, so we wait till Monday to get results of both Saturday and Sunday’s games.

Lee Demontreville

Lee Demontreville

On Saturday, the millers whupped the mudhens again, 8-7. Baily was pitching and was hit hard, eventually being relieved by Owens. The millers kept plugging away at Reisling, and won it by scoring one in the eighth to knot it up and one in the ninth for the win.

The BIG shocker of the report, which is a very small report, being “yesterday’s game” – “Demontreville is said to be slated for the axe by Watkins.”



04-26-04 - Demontreville slated for the axe

Okay, I know he’s been hurt, but it looks like he played on Saturday, and got a hit (and, okay, made an error.) It seemed like Demontreville was locked in! Slated for the Axe? He showed all the signs of being a very very clever third baseman! perhaps his arm trouble is worse than we’d been led to believe. It makes me wonder about that whole “water polo” story. Seriously? Is that still their story? Has Watkins got someone waiting in the wings? It seems like McNichols might be the new third baseman. But I suppose we should wait and see; perhaps this is just a rumor latched onto by a desperate reporter.

Oh, it looks like Fox pasted one during the game, a three run shot that put the boys up in the second, 5-2. Baily couldn’t hold the lead, but who says these boys can’t hit?

Sunday’s game: We Wuz Robbed!

The score stood 7-2 in favor of the millers in the fifth, when the rain came pouring down, and Umpire Holiday called the game. Frosty Thomas pitched well for the Minneapolitans. Watkins protested, but the game will be played over. The millers will still get half of the gate, so perhaps a moral victory.

Other News Around Town

Well, the Prunes are in:

04-26-04 - Prunes

Also, just like today, 1904 Minneapolis has its gang problem:

04-26-04 - Western Avenue Gang


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