Nice win today. Excellent pitching and Arcia drops it into the corner in the 12th for the win.

4-17-16 Arcia's game winner in the 12th c

Incidentally, the 1991 Twins didn’t get to .500 ball until June 2nd.



Okay, well, I’m certainly not going to be posting every day, an update on the Twins current record. However the Twins did win today, 6-4, hitting a few home runs, (Plouffe, Arcia, & Park,) with the resurgent Nolasco pitching resurgently, and Eduardo Nunez going 2 for 4, bringing his average down to .692 or so.


I do feel the need to point out that a few other teams have started out the season 2-9, and still managed to put together pretty good seasons.

Like, for instance, say…       the 1991 Minnesota Twins.

On April 20, 1991, they lost to California, 2-1, and their record stood at an abysmal 2-9.

And yet, I’m pretty sure that they went on to have not so bad a year in 1991.

As I recall.

1991 World Series

Keep the faith, baby.

o – 9

What makes this so much worse, of course, (as if there could be a bright side to being 0-9,) are the lofty expectations that we had for the season.

It’s difficult to maintain optimism in the face of the long litany of overwhelming statistics that strongly imply that our season is more or less over. Nipped in the bud. Wait till next year.

And yet..

And yet…

What are we? Eight games out of first? Nine?

Has a team never made up a nine-game deficit?

Has this never been done in the history of Organized Ball?

Hey, wait a second, wait a second.

We’ are only 7 games back!

It’s going to be a long long long season if we give up hope now.


Well, so it goes.

I must admit, it’s partly my fault.

I haven’t been wearing the lucky hat that served the Twins so well last season.

Where is that lucky hat?

Longest Twins losing streak ever? 14 games, I believe, back in May-June of 1982.Not that that record is in danger or anything.

La Velle E. Neal III points out on the Star Tribune website that 28 other teams have started seasons at 0-8. Only one of them has finished the season over .500.

Well, today’s another day, and I’m looking for my lucky hat.


Okay, we’re 0-7.

Which makes us only 1 game worse than last season’s 1-6 start.

And weren’t we in the playoff picture last year?

So: all is not lost.

According to an article I see on USA Today website, the 1904 Senators lost their first 13 in a row. Their final record that year was 38 – 113.

That must have been a long season for the boys.

So, good luck out there today, ya bum’s ya.

Okay, O – 6

Well, as a bright spot, the story on the Twins website had this tidbit of information:

The Twins fell to 0-6. Only three teams in baseball history have come back from being 0-6 and made the postseason: the 2011 Rays, the 1995 Reds and the 1974 Pirates.

It doesn’t say how many won the Pennant. But let’s see, now. 2011: Texas Rangers win the Pennant. 1995: Atlanta Braves. 1974: Los Angeles Dodgers.

This means that when the Twins win the junior circuit Gonfalon this year, they will be the first team starting 0-6 to ever win the pennant!

I mean, really. The Twins are only 4 !/2 games out of first at this point. I think that they have plenty of time to make up 4 1/2 games. Another good question: how many teams have come back from being 4 1/2 games out of first to win the pennant?

I’ll bet there are plenty of them.

And so: no worries here.