Okay, O – 6

Well, as a bright spot, the story on the Twins website had this tidbit of information:

The Twins fell to 0-6. Only three teams in baseball history have come back from being 0-6 and made the postseason: the 2011 Rays, the 1995 Reds and the 1974 Pirates.

It doesn’t say how many won the Pennant. But let’s see, now. 2011: Texas Rangers win the Pennant. 1995: Atlanta Braves. 1974: Los Angeles Dodgers.

This means that when the Twins win the junior circuit Gonfalon this year, they will be the first team starting 0-6 to ever win the pennant!

I mean, really. The Twins are only 4 !/2 games out of first at this point. I think that they have plenty of time to make up 4 1/2 games. Another good question: how many teams have come back from being 4 1/2 games out of first to win the pennant?

I’ll bet there are plenty of them.

And so: no worries here.


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