Another nice wind for the Twins yesterday. Here’s Dozier getting ‘er done:

Twins 3, Giants 2, Berrios gets his 5th win.

Local press seem to think that this can’t last. I disagree. (Yeah, I’m the guy that thought they’d be in the series last year. Maybe I was just a year off? An 0-9 start can throw you off for awhile.)

Probably too early still to be thinking about magic numbers.

Nice story on the Twins website about tomorrow’s starter for the Twins, Nik Turley. Nik’s spent 10 years in the minors, including a spell in an independent league, after being drafted in the 50th round by the Yankees in the 2008 draft. He was released in 2014 by the Yankees “after experiencing arm-tightness” (Those Yankees!) and spent most of 2016 with the independent Somerset Patriots. He did pretty well there, and the Twins picked him up. And now he’s done pretty well in the minors: 45 strikeouts in 24.3 innings at Chattanooga, with a 0.37 ERA. 39 strikeouts in 28.3 innings in Rochester, with a 3.49 ERA.

That’s not a lot of innings to go on. They may be rushing Nik a bit, but Santiago has gone on the DL and the Twins need a pitcher, so what the heck. Let’s go Nik!

Turley reminds me of Chris Colabello. He’s with Cleveland’s AAA club right now, Columbus, hitting .229 with five HR. I wonder what happened with him? In 2015 he hit .321 with Toronto, with 15 HR and 54 rbi. In 2016: .069 batting average, 2 hits in 29 at bats. And then he hit .180 in AAA at Buffalo. Very very odd.

Well a little research turns this up: PED, and an 80 game suspension. Damn.

Very very unfortunate.

Here’s a nice shot of Colabello I took a few years ago. One of my favorites:

Here’s hoping that Chris can get back on track.



Vargas. With an HR.

So far, so good.

If you are a Twins fan you have to be pretty happy with the way the team is playing this year. Last night, a two-run pinch hit home run by Kennys Vargas ties the game up in the bottom of the 9th, and a fly-ball by Polanco brings Mauer in to score in the 10th for the win over KC.

Hector Santiago gave up 3 runs in his five innings, and Duffy, Belisle, Rogers, and Kintzler (W) shut the door after that.

Last year at this time: 10-28. (ouch.)

Today’s a rain out, and, so, a very good day to read a book about baseball. I have been busy in that regard, and have read some excellent books, and I’ll leave that teaser there for another post.



That’s Berrios. With a K.

The highly-touted (if not vaunted) Jose Berrios pitched a pretty darn good game yesterday, winning his second of the season, going 7 2/3 innings, striking out 11. It was nice coming after a loss in the first game of the day-night doubleheader. Nothing sucks the life out of a day like losing both games of a doubleheader. But no: the youthful Berrios climbed up and set them down.

I watched a bit of video on those 11 strikeouts.They were brutal. Could we only be so lucky to see this on a regular basis from Mr. Berrios?

Berrios came up last season and had a less-than-auspicious start. 3-7, 8.02 era. He had a bit of trouble finding the plate. This season he started in Triple A, and located the pale platter. He went 2-0, with a .59 ERA and .391 WHIP. He got called up and made his first start with the Twins on May 13th in Cleveland, and got the win, 4-1, pitching 7 2/3, giving up 2 hits, a run, and striking out 4. Yesterday, another 7 2/3 innings, 2 hits, a run, and 11 strikeouts.

We’ve been hearing about this Berrios for quite awhile. Let’s hope he’s finally arrived, for we could surely use him.


Joe Mauer gets his first career walk-off homer last night as the Twins take one from Boston. As all Twins fans know, a Twins game isn’t over until it’s OVER. That is to say, the Twins took a 3-1 lead into the top of the ninth, and started the bottom of the frame tied 3-3. Nothing is ever really in the bag for the Twins, except for this, the walk-off HR in the bottom of the ninth. That’s a lead that’s pretty safe. In the bag. Put it in the win column. Touch ’em all, Joe Mauer.

The boys have been showing some resiliency this season. Or maybe it’s just that Ervin Santana has been untouchable? No, I guess there’s a bit more too it than that. But, as we say in Minnesota, So Far, So Good.

Rosario Rocks

Eddie Rosario finds a four-seam fastball in a convenient location and sends it air-express to a fan in the centerfield bleachers. His first homer of the year drives in three and puts the Twins up 6-3 against the Tigers in the sixth. That’s how it ends, and the boys are back at .500 and within a game of the division leading Spiders of Cleveland.

Afternoon games coming up Saturday and Sunday; good seats are still available!



Happy Jackie Robinson Day!

What America Needs in 2017 is more Baseball Related Holidays.

There’s a lot of other things America needs, but I think Baseball Holidays is an achievable goal.

Say, for instance, when the hell are we going to start celebrating Larry Doby Day. Major League Baseball was not integrated until Larry Doby got the job done. And it wasn’t any easier in the American League. So: Larry Doby Day. That’s July 5th, by the way. Let’s make a little noise for Larry on that day. Wednesday. It’s the Twins vs the Northern Part of Southern California Centering on the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Statistical Area Angels of Anaheim and Proximous Suburbs.

The Twins drop another tough one last night, 2-1, and again fall a game out of first. They jump into a quick lead today, but True Twins fans know that early leads are never secure, and the ball game isn’t over till it’s over, and pride cometh before the fall. Pressly took the loss, yesterday, gave up the go-ahead homer in the 7th.

I need to do a bit of research on these 2017 Twins. I have to admit, I kind of lost track of things last year, and now I find that there’s quite a few names on the team that really don’t sound familiar. For a team that didn’t really make a lot of moves in the winter, there seems like a lot of new names. Though it wouldn’t surprise me too much if some of the guys on last year’s team just changed their names so as to start fresh with a new life and a clean slate. Probably a good choice for some of them.

Some might be thinking of me now as a fair-weather fan, but no no no, I don’t think that’s the case. I think last year it was simply a matter of self-preservation. It’s not that I don’t care, it’s that I care too much.

Well, that’s my story, and I’m sticking with it.

I was also thinking that I might need to find a team to root for over in the National League, now that the Cubbies are the best team in baseball. I don’t feel honest, rooting for the top dog. I relate more to someone with limited talent but good intentions. Two possibilities are the Washington Senators er, Nationals. Seems like we are kind of related to them. And then there’s the Giants, who almost moved here back in the day. Could have been the Twin Cities Giants? The Minneapolis Giants? The Giants and the Nationals are a bit too good to really root for. So maybe the Braves, who had a terrible season last year, and who aren’t the Reds or the Padres, who were similarly terrible but who are the Reds and the Padres. Or perhaps the Phillies, because who roots for the Phils?

Obviously, more thought is required on this. Safe to say that the Nats and the Giants and the Reds and the Padres are not in contention for the honor.

And a stray tangentially-related thought: can we finally get rid of the designated hitter now? Haven’t we given it a fair trial? I am pretty sure that it was suppose to be a three-month deal! A test case. I’m pretty sure that’s how it was presented. I’m going to check on that. But anyway, here it is, 44 years later now, and we’re still doing this? Yeesh.


As long as we’re adding baseball holidays to the calendar, let’s put the ki-bosh on the DH as well. Posterity will thank us, (if there is any posterity.)

Game update: Still 5-0. Mr. Santana is tossing “a pretty good game.”

But it’s only the 8th inning. Plenty of outs left to play.

Update: It’s over. Twins win.

line score 4-45-2017

A pretty nice day for Mr. Santana. Doesn’t get a whole lot better than that. A one-out single in the third, to catcher Omar Narvaez.