Jim Bouton battles Curt Simmons in the Series.

bouton - first pitch game 3 - 1964 world series b

The game goes 1-1 through 8 innings, and then Mickey Mantle homers in the bottom of the 9th, and the Yankees win, 2-1.

Which just reminds me that, back in the old days, we’d be seeing an Angels-Nationals Series. Those were the clubs that came through the “pre-season” with the best records, the Angels, 98-64, the Nationals 96-66. Sure the playoffs have some exciting ball, how could you not love that? But a part of me that thinks the old way was better, you play the whole season to find out who’s the best in each league, and then the best two teams play for the championship. Case closed.

Well, we won’t see that again. It will probably go the other direction, another level of playoffs.

Anyway, good game, bulldog.


4 thoughts on “10-10-64

  1. I can’t help but think that if baseball had had a playoff format from 1903 onward, there likely would have been far fewer dynasties. Too many chances to get knocked out in earlier rounds. And if the Atlanta Braves of 1991-2006 had made their postseason run before 1969 they likely would have taken home at least two or three more World Series titles.

    • I think you are right; the good teams get more opportunities to lose, while the also-rans get the chance to win it all. Doesn’t seem right. I think I’ll contact the Commissioner and let him know what I decided.

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